Home assistance

Home assistance

If you need manpower or home assistance, reliable support that we offer will provide You with a free room for the most important things in life. Our agile, professional and discrete staff will bring Your place to order.

With permanent maintenance we ensure Your health and that of Your family as we do not give any chance to dirt, germs and bacteria in the kitchen, bathroom and the residential space.

At the same time, the piled up laundry will not make You any concern in future. With our service for Washing & Ironing, as well as the service of Bring & Fetch, You will always have clean and tidy closets which will exude freshness.

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Did You eternalize traces of last rain shower on Your windows since You missed the spring’s clean-up? With our assistance, we will ensure that Your windows and glass surfaces become transparent again and have a brilliant shine through our glass cleaning service

Is Your mood, due to Your once clean and tidy garden, gloomy, since it requires more work and effort than the pleasant moments it offers? Cared and mowed grass, trimmed live fence, polished pathways and collected leaves are only a part of our inclusive garden service  And when the snow and ice cover Your pathways, our winter service are at Your and Your neighbor’s disposal to guarantee You a secure start into a new day.

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