Winter Service

Winter Service

Even with the first snow flakes there it is – Your obligation of snow cleaning in accordance with the regulations of local municipality.

Unblocking of the entrances, cleaning and strewing of the pathways consume Your free time when You shall have Your own peace and a safe start into a new day.

čišćenje snega

Who is not in position to get oneself warm enough for such activities or simply wants to go skiing during this time, our winter service is the best solution.

With the professional equipment and grit/salt intended for this purpose, we will take over this obligation of Your’s so that is meets the standards of Your municipality. On demand, we can arrange that the cleaning is done several times during the day.

With our team You can relax in the winter time and enjoy in all charms which one winter brings along.

Your tenants, neighbors and passer-by’s will be grateful.

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