Cleaning for the lessor’s and real estate owners

Cleaning for the lessor’s and real estate owners

As a lessor or a real estate owner, most surely, close to Your heart lays the condition of Your property, it’s availability and the long-term attaining of it’s value. But, how do the users of Your property see this? Do Your lessee’s pay enough attention on the order and their obligations from the contract when Your property is concerned and do they spend efforts at all? Do Your valuable floors suffer from inadequate care by Your lessee’s, consumption of wrong substances or faulty cleaning methods?

čišćenje poseda

If Your value a qualitative service with visible results, then we are the right partner for You. Irrespective of the type of cleaning You need and which kind of space is concerned (auxiliary rooms, elevators, cellars or garages), or whether You require our glass cleaning service, we will make sure that Your place receives a new brilliant gloss.

In case You wish that we mow the grass for You or take care of the live fence, collect leaves or clean pathways or entrances, our service for gardens/yards is at Your disposal. At Your request, our winter service  is ready to do the job for You, even during snowfall or ice. Your lessee’s will be gratefull!

Should it happen that Your lessee leaves Your estate in an inappropriate condition and You expect a new lessee very soon in the same or renovated estate, we will clean it impeccably so that the moving-in runs to the mutual satisfaction.

Give us a call to make an agreement!

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