Service for garden and yards

Service for garden and yards

In case that the inner values are evenly important to You as the outer impression, we will ensure that Your yard or garden always attract attention through their appearance.

košenje trave

Does it sound familiar: Spring has come earlier and Your yard or garden does not show the first signs of spring and the first blossom. It is summertime and the grass is growing faster than usual. Autumn has come and the trees loose more leaves than usual and the winters are longer and snowier.

We would be glad to be Your contact person. With our professional equipment, experience and flexibility, our skilled staff will, at all times, take care of:

–       green surfaces

–       planting

–       trimming of live fences and trees

–       pathways and entrances

–       winter service

Irrespective whether Your private household, business unit or works are concerned, we are the right address for You.

Should You have a need for any other service from our portfolio, we would be pleased to provide You with Your individual package.

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